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The Suffolk New College Tech Campus is a state-of-the-art £2.4m purpose-built facility for advanced technologies opening in September 2021.

The campus provides exclusive access to labs and industry standard workshops for specialist courses from the following sectors:

Creative Media Production
Computing & Esports
Games Design & Game Arts

Students and Apprentices using the Tech Campus will have access to not only the latest technologies but support and mentoring from local tech companies and innovators.

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Digital Skills Suites

  • Grace Hopper Suite

    This area will be flexible in its layout and can accommodate digital practices for IT, Computing, E-Sports, Games Design and Creative Media/Graphics students.
    The multimedia production stations include software for simulation and IT development, audio production, video production, games design. These spaces support the creation of trans media, multi-platform digital development such as podcasts, video presentations, digital music recordings and virtual reality.
  • Konrad Zuse Suite

    This area will be flexible in its layout and can accommodate digital practices across the spectrum of IT and digital activities. 
    This will aid students who are specialising in the digital innovation learning computer languages and application. 
    Students will be able to combine technical knowledge and creativity to experiment and produce exciting work to promote their skills for future employment.
  • Ada Lovelace Suite

    This area will be flexible in its layout and can accommodate a plethora of digital practices for creating systems to manage information such as programming, networking and other essential IT skills to support multiple industries from banking to education and government. 
    The work stations and general areas include software for programming and equipment to problem solve hardware issues. 
    The Ada Lovelace suite will support skills development for data modelling, virtualisation, web site design, software testing, business analytics and IT project management.

Creative Computing Suites

  • Max Fleischer Motion Capture Suite

    The studio is equipped with everything required for Motion capture to support virtual production and virtual reality in VFX, Gaming and the Arts – including 8x Optitrak Flex cameras (capturing at 1-megapixel resolution and at up to 250 frames per second), wall to wall green screen for full room capture, studio lighting and motion capture suits.
  • Halim El-Dabh Electronic Music Post Production and Composition Suite

    This professional sound composition and production suite caters for a wide range of musical approaches. It provides a space for electro-acoustic composition, multimedia work, music and sound effects for Video Games and mobile phones and sound art production. This music suite should allow flexible routing for cross-disciplinary and collaborative work throughout the college and wider communities.
  • Rosalind Franklin Suite

    This area will be flexible in its layout and can accommodate digital practices for Media, Games Design/Arts, E-Sports, Computing and Music Technology students. The multimedia production stations include software for audio production, video production, Games Design and IT development. These spaces support the creation of podcasts, websites, music mixing, video presentations, editing, or transferring media. Through 2D & 3D modelling and Graphics, customising and integration of computer applications, digital and animation effects as well as other types of multimedia research and creative activity.
  • Tomohiro Nishikado eSports Suite

    From ESports leagues and tournaments, to online platforms and game developers, this purpose built suite allows players, designers, and publishers to plug directly into the action of the global gaming community. With a range of game production equipment for streaming, recording, and social networking, the Tomohiro suite has the tools for students to build their brand and create a broadcast-quality experience for viewers, subscribers, and spectators in resolutions up to 1080p and 4K UHD at 60fps.

Digital Development and Security Suites

  • Margaret Hamilton Suite

    This area will be highly flexible in its layout and can accommodate general briefings, be part of a larger suite set up to simulate a cyber-attack and also be used to teach students the cyber security skills and the research and development they need to work in these vital industries. Students will learn the basics of cyber security that allows them to explore what the threats are, developing and testing methods and protocols for incident response and understand the restrictions of the legislation and ethics within this business.
  • Tim Berners-Lee & Alan Turing Suites

    These suites are designed to be highly flexible in their layout and can be split or opened up into one large area to accommodate general briefings, or be 2 smaller suites set up to simulate a cyber-attack. The suites will be used to teach students the cyber security skills, basic artificial intelligence and the research and development they need to work in these vital industries. These suites will allow for real life scenarios to be replicated with students trying their own cyber-attacks on each other’s work then defending against those attacks.
  • Jordan Mechner Lounge

    The purpose behind the lounge is to create a club feel with a relaxing atmosphere where students can discuss, debate and develop ideas whilst testing their creations and giving peer reviews and employer presentations. 
    This comfortable and Hi Tech area will offer a range of software, gaming platforms, presentation media on multiple platforms to be played out on large digital screens, small table top projectors, or in individual gaming pods so supporting Games Jams and E-sports activities including linking up virtually with other organisations, colleges and universities to engage in competitions, peer and testing reviews so allowing for cross college and sector collaborations. 

Providing access to the latest technologies and software from the following companies:

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